Pauline Gower the Movie – by FlyGirls film maker Red Door Films

FlyGirls by Red Door Films mini Dramatic TV series by Director Matia Karrell

FlyGirls by Red Door Films mini Dramatic TV series by Director Matia Karrell

Oscar Nominated Director Matia Karrell has contacted Solent Aviatrix with the exciting news that “Harvest of Memories: The Life of Pauline Gower” is to be made into a movie. The biography, written by Pauline’s son Michael Fahie, has been optioned by Red Door Films.

Matia is currently developing a Dramatic TV mini-series called “FlyGirls”. It is about the American WW2 Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS) – The Forgotten Fliers of WWII.

Anyone who has read “Harvest of Memories” will know that the Women’s Section of the A.T.A included a number of American women. Brought over to the UK in the spring of 1942 by Jacqueline Cochran, the women made up the largest contingent of non-English pilots. Jackie Cochran returned to U.S.A. following a tense working relationship with Pauline Gower.

There, Mrs. Cochran set up the WASPs. But the Americans who’d signed up with the A.T.A, like Roberta Sandoz-Leveraux, stayed here.

In October 1942 the Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the American President came to England. She took the opportunity to visit the A.T.A at White Waltham, to show her support for the women pilots. Woman Commandant Pauline Gower accompanied Mrs. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill’s wife on a tour of inspection of the Air Transport Auxiliary base.

My thanks to Matia Karrell and Red Door Films for permission to use the FlyGirls image.

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