Stella Rutter was Hostess to 60 D-Day Commanders on eve of Operation Overload

Stella Rutter – D-Day Hostess

Stella Rutter at 20

Stella Rutter age 20. Image courtesy of Stella Rutter.

Stella Rutter was never a pilot but she was the next best thing, a draughtswoman for the Spitfire. Now in 2014 her autobiography, ‘Tomorrow Is D-Day’, is being published.It includes the unique role she played on the eve of D-Day. She acted as Hostess to the 60 Commanders from Britain, America and Canada, who were in charge of all the combined invasion forces. As they gathered for a ‘Farewell Party’, timed for the night before the Normandy Landings, Stella shook hands with them all. For some of them, she was possibly the last woman they ever spoke to, for they never survived.

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